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Subject: The Service .

The activities, where it is start.

We seek "horses" and expose them for sale (It's only the trademark).
In the trade mark of our activity, carried out since 1992 on the
territory of Italy, made from an endogenous needs (verifying
the needs of the district and looking for what is
possible to take inside), following the market demand.
This activity was developed with two kinds of approach.
An operational field, formed by individuals, agents and sub
agents and identifiable as “UTILI.biz” agents and with a other
section ,drafting to enlarge the scope of searching commercial news and
information, represented in GBT General Business Today.


In summary, our work evolves according GBT as the selector of news
from all the european fairs in many sectors where it selecting some
services and products that could included in the local context.
GBT as from 1992 to 2001 we have developed a "house organ" in the form
of trade publication for small and medium-sized companies. This has allowed
us to acquire many contacts and take on them updated with new opportunities.
Since 2001 we have moved on the web (19 Web sites from www.utili.biz and
www.tutto.mobi). These selections are then showed by the agency Utili.biz that
representing the second approach of our work.


This continuous and motivated presence in this italian market and the
continuous updates of general expertise evolves our knowledge about
on the small and medium businesses, and allowing us to sense
about the direction of new commercial and industrial projects.
Unfortunately the economic situation is developing a selection uncompetitive.
That the companies are now often in trouble, not because they
are more or less competitive to produce and deliver products and services,
but for the fortune or misfortune to run into more markets and customers
or less profitable and solvent.
In this context it would be our intention to open a new line useful in the
operational definition of strategic plans for the medium term, or in a position
to define the areas on which to implement investment plans.
We offer our services for research, operational proposal, feasibility study,
expertise, usefull for subject like banks, insurance companies and potential
investors in general. So we intend to propose research to develop started from
external impulse (to check the internal situation in the Italian
production District, creating awareness and seeking the feedback of an external
demand) through work orders, assessments, feasibility etc editing technical articles.
I thought I'd send you this presentation because we hope to could be your new
objects about attention on all the ideas that lead to changes in the way we
perceive and approach the market .

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The GOAL .

In any manufacture business, projects are designed to manage
successfully all the elements used.
Therefore another target is also to find new customers to
increase or replace the older .
The commercial skill often is to design
and to optimize the knowledge of your
market and afterwords look for the
components to ensure sticking productive
activities with demand supply .
Sellers and local representative agents
in general, are the component of these
businesses and they can know exactly
real-time the local economical situation.
The activity of the professional seller
is to know the growth plans of companies
and then to know their actual production and
match the offering and demanding together.
The right timing is fundamental.
UTILI PROJECT has the target to
accelerate this contact supply and demand.
All our sellers, may develop a sales
network flexible, composed of
colleagues spread across the contribute
to the project your goals.
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